New Dawn for Ruth Lubic by Hip Hop Saves Lives and Jojo

So I sing this song for you
It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn for me
My future’s going to be golden
So I sing this song for you!
For Ruth Watson Lubic. The American artist Chad Harper, founder of the Hip Hop Saves Lives has dedicated this song to her and performed live with his band on September 5 (Labor Day in the U.S.) in Ruth’s center. Congratulations to this engaged singer!
Please find on this page Ruth Watson Lubic and the Developing Families Center latest news.

Best Wishes for your birthday Ruth ! Sonia.

How very thoughtful of you to remember my birthday!! You are amazing!! And thank you for your good birthday wishes–I remember very well your very professional interview of me in London.
We are working hard to assist others in replicating our model. I’m not sure that you are aware the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, visited the Developing Families Center last February. She was quite impressed with what she saw and we are working to gain an alliance with her and other federal officials in order to change the mindset of many American politicians where mothers, babies and maternity services are concerned to “Protection of” rather than “aid to” or “assistance for”–I will have a photo of her with Dr. Linda Randolph, my colleague and an African American Public Health Pediatrician, and myself during her visit..
And of course you are quite right about Chad and his spontaneous work on our behalf.
I have such good friends in this world!!
Trust you are in good health (bonne sante!) and that you and your family have a good year as well!!
Many thanks and good wishes!
Bless you, Sonia!

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  1. Thomas on 25/08/2011 at 09:06 Thomas

    This is beautiful, this woman sounds outstanding and I cannot wait to get to know more about her, looking forward to the interview!!!

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