Video, Tamara de Graaf

‘Tonalités de Femmes’ highlights a young professional dancer, Tamara. She is 20 years old in 2014.

  • VO: English
  • NAME: Tamara
  • CITY: Amsterdam
  • Who is Tamara?
  • Tamara is a 20 years old young woman. She was born in the Netherlands, with the beautiful mix of colors from her African and European parents. She has a spontaneous character but is also discreet. Her life is rich as she focuses on a clear aim: to develop her career as a professional dancer. Very close to her family, she is also a friend on whom you can count on. Tamara has the ‘Hope’ and the ‘Flame’ of our TdF platform. We are enriched by her presence.
  • Why is she an inspiration?
  • Having just graduated, Tamara attended the MTV Europe Music Awards, before flying to China to give a series of performances, inside the Amsterdam Urban Dance Company. As a choreographer, she merges the experience of her classical background with the urban influences from today, but also jazz and contemporary dance movements. Tamara has the passion, the energy and the smile of her twenties.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • We will discover Tamara and the richness of her life as a dancer. She will also share with us some moments of the China Tour, where she went for the second time. What is the role of social media when you are in your 20’s? Finally, we will see Tamara on stage through a video clip made with the members of her group, the Red Queen Effect.

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