Véronique Jannot (TdF Library)

Véronique Jannot is a member of the TdF jury and the founder of the organisation ‘Graines d’Avenir’ working with Tibetan children, which already has over 400 beneficiaries. In ‘Tibet, the hope of exile’ Véronique Jannot tells the story of her Tibetan sponsor child, through an autobiographical comic. In this interview, we are sharing many subjects of this outstanding woman’s life.

  • TRANSLATION: English
  • NAME: Véronique
  • Who is Véronique?
  • Originally from Haute Savoie, France, Véronique is widely known to the French public. She has been an actress since the age of 14, and is also a singer and filmmaker; her artistic career has satisfied her curiosity about the world, opening up the spiritual paths of Buddhism and human reciprocity.
  • Why is she an inspiration?
  • Two extremely difficult events could have led Véronique on different paths.  She has established a very inspiring philosophy of life, recognizing and appropriating her pain while transforming it into strength. Cheerfulness, kindness and child-like laughter are Véronique’s qualities that we are pleased to highlight.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • We will share many subjects of Véronique’s life, including her organisation ‘Graines d’Avenir’ (Seeds for the Future) helping children from Tibet, and we will also see how it is possible for a woman to establish herself beautifully despite not having experienced motherhood. Finally, Véronique comes back on her ‘Pause Café’ career, a show that is very popular among French viewers.

5 responses to “Véronique Jannot (TdF Library)”

  1. Frederique on 22/12/2010 at 09:06 Frederique

    Merci à Tonalités de Femmes pour ce témoignage de Véronique Jannot! Il est plein d’émotions et de sensibilité, donne une énergie phénoménale et nous amène à réfléchir sur nos actes, nos engagements et notre rôle en tant que femme.
    Merci encore

  2. Sandrine on 18/01/2011 at 10:29 Sandrine

    Ce site est vraiment excellent! J’y ai passe une bonne partie de ma soirée hier. Des articles très intéressants et des interviews vraiment touchantes notamment la derniere avec Véronique Janot. Félicitations pour cette belle initiative, c’est vraiment top!

  3. Marlène on 25/01/2011 at 18:52 Marlène

    Je rejoins Sandrine pour dire que je viens de découvrir ce site et que je suis très touchée par son contenu. Laissez la parole à toutes ces femmes d’exception, fallait y penser !
    Le témoignage de Véronique Jannot m’a vraiment émue. Simplicité, vérité, délicatesse dans les mots choisis, que du bon.
    Merci Véronique, je vous aimais déjà en tant qu’actrice, je vous aime encore plus en tant que femme.

  4. Valérie on 14/02/2011 at 14:35 Valérie

    Merci à ‘Tonalités de Femmes d’avoir reçu Véronique. C’est une actrice et une femme adorable, j’aime sa simplicité. Véronique est une femme exceptionnelle, un rayon de soleil. Je l’adore.

  5. China on 4/03/2012 at 22:13 China

    Great interview. I was checking constantly this web site and I am inspired! Thanks and good luck.

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