Chiara loves a woman, Sandra. She takes us to the intersection of a unique story of two exceptional women.

  • NAME: Chiara
  • Who is Chiara?
  • Chiara is undoubtedly the youngest woman of ‘Tonalités de Femmes’. Arrived in the Netherlands 2 years ago to continue her studies, she has successfully completed her thesis entitled ‘Global and Local Dynamics of Peace Education in Beirut, Lebanon’. Chiara grew up in Austria with an Irish mother and an Austrian father. It is through the world of international development that this young graduate wants to give a meaning to her life.
  • Why is she an inspiration?
  • This young woman has something different that adds another dimension to her dynamic and positive personality, as dazzling as her beautiful blue eyes and her pretty face. Chiara is impulsive and sees projects through to the end. Arriving at the University of Amsterdam, she decided, for example, to organize a sale of hand made products, sending the proceeds to a family friend in Lebanon whose newborn baby was suffering from a rare illness. Her choices are courageous and her way of life daring.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • The theme that we will share with Chiara is very beautiful, very inspiring; we’ll talk about love. Chiara loves a woman, Sandra. She will take us to the intersection of a unique story of two exceptional women.

2 responses to “Chiara”

  1. Richie Rich on 6/02/2010 at 22:51 Richie Rich

    Je trouve toutes les vidéos de ce site très riches donc très intéressantes. Elles me plaisent toutes, elles ont toutes quelque chose, mais je dois dire que l’interview de la jeune Chiara est ma préférée. Merci pour ces moments de partage !

  2. Karine on 16/02/2010 at 14:34 Karine

    Chiara est “dans la place” assumant ses choix dans le bonheur. Bravo !

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