‘Tonalités de Femmes’ illuminates Élise, a young, modern citizen and a strong woman of today, proud to be part of the generation ‘En Marche’.

  • VO: French
  • NAME: Élise
  • CITY: Lille
  • Who is Élise?
  • Élise is a young 25 year old woman, working in the lively real estate sector, who lives with her boyfriend in Lille. This city, in the region called Hauts-de-France, is at the crossroads of several interesting capitals such as Brussels, London and Paris; they give a major advantage to our guest, Élise, whose is passionate by travelling. This city also offers her its dynamism, its architecture and its human warmth! Élise is a person who has strong family connections and she maintains the simple values of honesty, hard work and openness to others.
  • Why is she an inspiration?
  • The dynamism, directness and kindness of Élise are a source of inspiration. She has also a sense of adventure exposed when she decided to leave her comfort zone and spend a year in Birmingham, UK, where she took in the challenge to learn a new language close to her heart. Today, she is very comfortable in English, and uses this as an asset to continue to discover the world and to take new initiatives at work. Élise has interesting political ideas to inspire her generation and a positive sense of sharing to put them forward.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • We will discuss politics with Élise, after the recent presidential elections in France. We will discover the principal choices in her life, but also some of her aspirations, while revealing some of the sparkling aspects of her personality.

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