The Sound from a Man

It all started some 18 years ago………..”I have this friend called Sarah, she is tall and very funny”. “Normally she is very determined and assertive, knowing what she wants and following a fixed plan of action to achieving it’s success. We have a friendship that has grown out of a mutual trust and understanding. A tough talking reality check on what she should know or already does know.

Ultimately there is an ‘Achilles heel’ in her plan, a measure of vulnerability in her armor, this will create regular obstacles to finding her emotional and spiritual match.

Did she find her Mr.Right??

I want to express the things that I learnt through her. Share some of the things she learned but not always accepted through me.

She has never been very successful in choosing ‘the right guy’, and I have often seen the signs before her.

In my situation, as the male friend who is not the gay confident, I have had to play my part softly. As I can easily be miss understood as “marking my territory as the Alpha male in the group”. Where all outsiders have to pass the tests of “Initiation” before they can court my subjects!

These are secrets that lie between the lines before they get between the sheets!

These are the gems in modern language that are supported by actions or inactions where things can be interpreted but should never be misunderstood!

This is the subtle language of men that is rarely spoken out loud.

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