Barbara Berret (Video)

Our guest is called Barbara Berret. Business woman, attentive mother and devoted partner, she is moving forward on her life path with energy and authenticity.

  • VO: French
  • NAME: Barbara
  • CITY: Lille
  • Who is Barbara?
  • Barbara is the manager of Groupe Visite, creator of a review for real estate listings in the North in 1995, then the first free decoration magazine in France. Visite developed in the midst of a world in total transformation and the team’s excellent sense of beauty, and their creation remain the motor for this media and communications agency. Barbara is a member of the international network of francophone managers, the Association for Managerial Progress or l’Association progrès management (Apm). This woman of action bestows all her protective energy onto her two boys, who are young adults now, and her lovely stepfamily. Sporty and adventurous, Barbara does not hesitate to participate in marathons or escape into a treehouse.
  • Why is she an inspiration?
  • The passion with which Barbara manages the many projects for her clients every day is at the top of the game. Through her core team she is surrounded by young talent, whom she strives to see grow and for whom this woman of heart always reserves admiration. This transition into the digital world, the evolution of our means of communication and co-creation are challenges which she faces on a daily basis.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • The creation of Groupe Visite, the enthusiasm of her contributors, the charming region of the north and the meaning Barbara is giving to this beautiful adventure! Check out this video and let yourself be inspired by this woman of action!

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