What Women Should Know

1. The Conventional Replacer.

Some of these typical roles and positions have resulted in our first comment on “What women should know….”

If we look at a simple and ‘well meaning’ interaction between couples.

The reality should hopefully become clear.

Shopping at the weekend, looking for a new look.

Women may say …. “Smarten up! We are going out!”-

“Oh you need this …… it makes you look younger! “

“When we met you used to like these………..”

Previous generations helped us to understand that there was a low ‘fashion tips’ success hit ratio of only 1on10 where actually – She was able to choose right!

Why, because she was choosing what she liked and not what he would like.


She’s clever, determined, outstanding and stylish. But what about him?

A simple point is-

Guys always like the same things they already have.

The concept of conventional replacers was determined based on a male opinion of life.

Men think- “I need to replace something that has a problem in its function”.

The function being

Too small, (shrank after being dried too hot in the drier!)

Too worn out. (the old favorite finally perished!)

Bought but a previous partner. (Now part of the taboo world of ‘BM’ Before Me!)

Face hunter.blogspot.com

See me here…”I know what suits me and it is always around the same formula! Yes I have many of these v neck pullovers, some different brands though!”

The end result is that there is a simple logical requirement. Something that is the same as the previous ‘Old trusted friend’ and now somehow only slightly different to the previous one! (The difference is only necessary to the female side, otherwise exactly the same will be just fine.)

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