You can do it, yes you can can!

Once again I want to share a tedTalk with you all. Meet Maysoon, a female, Palestinian, Muslim, disabled comedian from New Jersey. The link to her tedTalk called ‘I got 99 problems… palsy is just one’, can be found below.

maysoon 2

Maysoon Zayid, photo courtesy of 2014

Although she does not want to be labelled this way, this woman is a true inspiration. If you watch something today, make it this video! Maysoon is a remarkable person who will touch you with her authentic, sincere and courageous testimony to hope. Not least of all Maysoon is hilarious, and I am convinced that humour has tremendous power to unmask the lies we may be living on a daily basis.

maysoon 1

Maysoon Zayid, photo courtesy of 2014

Especially now, as we are witnessing horrendous violence in Palestine and Israel, yet again, this message of hope and strength is of particular importance. What I see in Maysoon’s story is the power of her parents’ faith in her to be successful. All anybody can wish for are parents, or guardians or uncles or grandmothers or teachers who encourage us when we are children; to aspire to achieve our dreams and live authentic happy lives with the gifts we are given.

This includes lives without cyber bullying, by the way, and with a diverse representation of people in our media and public spheres.

Thanks for making that happen, Maysoon!


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  1. Sonia on 2/08/2014 at 07:26 Sonia

    Cette comédienne est magnifique…La force, l’assurance, la fierté et la lumière
    illuminent son histoire….oui, des parents peuvent insuffler tant d’énergie
    et emmener si loin leur enfant. Beau partage. Merci Chiara de m’avoir donné envie de découvrir cette femme naturellement exceptionnelle.

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