This is View2, the Denim Most Wanted report!

Would you like to know what´s hot and new on the Denim front this season? Look no further. One of our favourite guest bloggers on this platform, the one and only Sid Rhule, points us in the right direction. The new edition of View2 Denim is out. Here is his take on it. Enjoy!

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This is View2, the Denim Most Wanted report!

It’s finally here – the highlight of the new denim fashion season, with the views and styles of the denim opinion leaders across Europe.

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I really enjoyed making this trend report. It was quite frantic and often quite ‘full on’, but I had the fortune to meet a lot of very cool people, who were really, and I mean really, passionate about their denim!

We talked about true blue, heavily slashed, re-patched, unwashed, back to basics shapes, low crotch and ‘anti fashion’ loose cuts.

We heard a few “for your ears only” the secrets of ‘Thai farmers and authentic wash wearing’, sorry can’t say more…..

We looked for details in new shaped pockets, hand sewn details and an individual statements.

We looked back to some original truly innovative ‘Type 1″, oversized pockets. (It is amazing that in such a short time (2006 until now) we could already highlight key styles, such as the Levi’s Type 1, as already being market changers.)

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But the true highlight and the most inspiring element of this denim season was seen in the attitude of the “New Generation” of designers, who all wanted to do things their way.

Fair prices, simple cuts, excellent materials and well chosen trimmings. This is where premium and authenticity have found their meaning. Excellent quality, high end materials and a sense of hand finished attention.

Some tried to look as if they didn’t care, some acted as though not washing your jeans for a year and sometimes more didn’t matter to them…. yeah right!



This is the crop of the best new styles and new trends in denim.
If you want to see the full 16 page article, you know what you need to do! View2 is only available in specialist International fashion bookstores, so be prepared to hunt a little.

A big thanks to everyone who took part, and see you in the next season.


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