Principles for a Successful Professional Life by Ruth Watson Lubic

  • Begin with the needs of the people you serve.
  • Take care of all the people of the nation.
  • Trust your caring instincts.
  • Learn to tolerate uncertainty.
  • Choose your professional colleagues for their caring philosophy not their professional preparation.
  • Be aware that the medical model has failed to serve all the people of the nation.
  • Avoid anger; it consumes energy and clouds your vision.
  • Avoid bitterness against political opponents.
  • Value the giving and receiving of truth.
  • Strengthen your sense of humor; it can neutralize opposition and brighten the darkest days.
  • Recognize the importance of persistence.
  • Base a design for change on the best science possible; then test your performance.
  • Overcome the fear associated with leadership.
  • Remember, the people you serve are your strength. Listen to them! You will be rewarded.
  • In September 2014, the American Association of Birth Centers awarded the Certificate of Excellence Impact Award to the BBC/PBS television program Call the Midwife, “for introducing a new generation to modern midwifery and the positive impact of midwives in their communities”. Ruth Watson Lubic was in London to personally present the Award to Pippa Harris, the Producer and Heidi Thomas, the Writer.

    BBC Call the Midwife with Ruth Watson Lubic

    In the same year, the Medicare&Medicaid Research Review recognized the importance and benefit cost of Birth Centers. Based on a study, it estimated that ”birth center care could save an average of $1,163 per birth (2008 constant dollars), or $11.6 million per 10,000 births per year.

    “At last! Recognition!!” reacted Ruth Watson Lubic.

    Sonia Johnson.

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