Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation


A staggering 130 million girls and women suffer from FGM and here are some powerful articles and videos to show how important the work of awareness raising is, worldwide!

People have the idea that FGM is happening to girls in Africa exclusively, but this specific form of gender based violence is not an African issue, it is a global issue, as the following articles and videos show.

Importantly, medical professionals need to learn about FMG so they know how to deal with this cultural practice some of their patients will have suffered from.

Social networking sites like facebook and twitter can help girls and women to get in touch with organisations that help the victims of FGM, so lets use them to share the message! #endFGM

There are many ways men can be involved in this important work, and in fact can play a crucial role! You can do this by speaking out, raising the issue, sharing information openly and act to support girls and women in being able to speak out and find help.

What we need:

– Protection of victims and possible victims
– Teaching medical professionals about the practice
– Talking, sharing and raising awareness

Here women share their passion, experience and fight to end FGM!

Video about several campaigns to end FGM. It shows how important it is to talk about this issue and raise awareness #endFGM.

Listen to Leyla Hussein co-Founder of Daughters of Eve, a FGM awareness-raising group

Ifrah Ahmed, survivor and spokes person against FGM living in Ireland

Watch Aissatou Diallo moving dream to be one of the last victims of FGM!

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