Sara (Video)

‘Tonalités de Femmes’ highlights Sara, a Woman of Life with nuances of Hope.

  • VO : English
  • NAME : Sara
  • CITY : Vienna
  • Who is Sara ?
  • Sara is 26 years old, originally from Egypt where she graduated from medical school. She has completed the accreditation exams in Austria, enabling her to practice medicine here. At the moment she is completing her residency in Linz. This is no small feat and Sara managed it gracefully, maintaining her sense of humour and strong determination throughout.
  • Why is she an inspiration to us?
  • In August 2016 Sara married Georg after eight years of being together. Their strong commitment toward each other over several years of living in separate countries is truly inspirational. Despite her young age, Sara has already accomplished so much and has always maintained her positive attitude and outlook. Her open and friendly nature has brought many loving people into her life, and she is also very clear about how the support she has received from family and friends has helped her achieve her goals.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • Through speaking to Sara it is clear that she enjoys living in Austria. She loves the travel destinations reachable from where she now lives, as well as the Austrian cuisine. Here are some vocabulary explanations for those who are not familiar with the specialties of this country. ‘Topfen’ is a dairy product a bit like fresh cheese and used in ‘Mehlspeisküche’, the famous Austrian pastries, desserts and sweet dishes. As an absolute foody Sara chose ‘Marillenknödel’ as one of her favourite recipes, which are sweet dumplings filled with fresh apricots and rolled in breadcrumbs and butter: what’s not to like!?!
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