Tatiana Ocelleo Heintz (Video)

‘Tonalités de Femmes’ invites you to meet the artist Tatiana Ocelleo Heintz.

  • VO : French
  • NAME : Tatiana
  • CITY : Paris
  • Who is Tatiana ?
  • Tatiana is an artist with multiple sources of inspiration, living in Berlin, Germany. She was born in Ivory Coast and a child of the Bété Tribe north of Abidjan, with a light complexion and a Polish-French father. Her childhood took her from one country to the next, and as a young adult she launched herself into the discovery of London, where she could develop her talent as a singer and was able to grace the stage with great names such as Kezia Jones, Mick Jagger, Pascal Danaé or Christophe H Muller (from the Gotan Project). Paris would end up being the place where she formed her group Okou and recorded her first album with Universal named Serpentine. Tatiana’s life encounters reveal additional artistic inspirations, including a series of paintings called Ulysses. Finally, her African origins have lead her to create fashion and launch the Ocelleo line, named after her mother’s village.
  • Why is she an inspiration to us?
  • The puzzle that is Tatiana’s life is full of such richness, which is almost hard to perceive. Her quest, for which the artistic world is the best showcase, remains the one that resonates the most with us, whether as a parent or as a child. Tatiana was brutally taken from her mother at only six months of age. So when the two women meet in her early forties, the emotion is intense. Her mother wants to massage her, wash her, share her femininity, give her so much love all at once. A documentary is being made about these encounters. Tatiana is solely nourished by her history and her radiance is all the more inspiring.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • ‘Tonalités de Femmes’ wants to highlight the already brilliant path of this artist who is in such profound fusion with her nature. We are touching on all the subjects, which Tatiana is engaged with, in this moment of growth in her life.
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