Marielle Teyre-Kirat (Video)

‘Tonalités de Femmes’ is highlighting Marielle Teyre-Kirat, a woman of Action with a string of projects.

  • VO : French
  • NAME : Marielle Teyre-Kirat
  • CITY : Le Creusot
  • Who is Marielle Teyre-Kirat?
  • Marielle Teyre-Kirat is an entrepreneur, who grew up in the Ardèche region of France. Since then, her professional activities have led her to set up her own business in Bourgogne, a region which she appreciates for its many individual benefits and its discreet potential. Marielle lives in an area called Le Creusot where she creates her organic products, accompanied by her two adult children: Octavia, a former world champion of full contact martial arts and Alexis, a passionate nutritionist. Living close to nature and the friendly quality of life are the foundation of the family and for many years, this has also been the base of Marielle’s professional life.
  • Why is she an inspiration to us?
  • After a serious ski accident when she was young, where she narrowily escaped death twice, but claimed a loved one, Marielle now chooses to deal with things as they arrive, she doesn’t believe in putting things off for ‘tomorrow’. Without taking shortcuts in life, she has specialized in a non typical project of sustainable housing, with a focus on “floating houses”. ‘Aqualogis’ is her investment on water; ‘Lune d’eau’, ‘Alba’ and ‘Aurora’ are three houses completely constructed from wood, which remind you of a beautiful, romantic stroll. This inspiring Tai Chi master has ingnited color and light in an industrial city which remains reletavely unknown in France. Meeting her at Le Creusot, allows us to discover her dynamic personality, a person who doesn’t hesitate to take risks, while always conscious of the current environmental challenges.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • As we sit in the large dining room of the restaurant she runs, we discover Marielle’s life, which is a rich product of her floating homes situated within a pond measuring 2.8-hectares. Her experience is very interesting, especially considering the severe, recent floods, experienced in Europe.

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