Saya (Video)

Discover our interview with Saya on ‘Tonalités de Femmes’, a young women with a rich life experience, who naturally turns toward the light.

  • VO : French
  • NAME : Saya
  • CITY : Paris
  • Who is Saya ?
  • Saya is a young French woman who was born in Bangkok and filled with the colours and cultures of both Thailand and China. As a photographer Saya is specialised in Polaroid and has already showcased her model portraits in San Francisco, New York City and Paris. This ‘Daughter of God’, translated from her pretty Thai name ‘Tidaphon’, has shared her life with Alexandre, the man of her heart for the last three years. Saya founded the Studio Ohlala, bringing together artists with different backgrounds and expertise drawn from fashion, to offer marriage services with creative achievements.
  • Why is she an inspiration to us?
  • Saya inspires us with her smile, her honest sharing and caring outlook on life. She arrived in France two years after living apart from her mother, who came to try her luck in Europe. United thanks to a man Saya calls dad, now 70 years old, the two women have continually seek stability in their family unit; it is easily found in the charming guest house in Provence where Saya loves to recharge. Today strengthened, Saya embarks on entrepreneurship with first results that already exceed all expectations.
  • Which subjects are you going to tackle?
  • We will share a moment of life with Saya, discussing her main business goals and soothed by her sweet smile.
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